UP Spring Design Studio 壹分之贰产品设计工作室

One Bears Two (Dao Bears Yin and Yang) is the highly summary of Chinese traditional philosophy about changes, we try to grasp this point, which is the origin of all things.
The harmonious coexistence of nature and human life is our ultimate aim about life and design. We are absorbed in research the local cultural in global market. At the same time, we will apply the research results to final products.

Our basic principle is doing practicality research and minded design.

We provide products for consumer’s wellbeing.

Dramatic or imperceptible design based on the in-depth research about consumer behavior, living environment and local culture. Then the consumer can easily enjoy the happiness life through the design.
As for us, we do not only design product, but also organize projects. Our aim is to do something to promote the recognition of China Design.